Food styling and photography workshop at The Makerie and a photo contest

I apologize for the bombarding of announcements on the blog lately as I am beginning to plan my 2013 calendar.

I am excited to announce that I will be at The Makerie retreat in Boulder, Colorado April 11-14 teaching two different sessions, one on food and prop styling and another one on food and lifestyle photography.

Here are the details…

  • Both workshops will be held at the Lyons Farmette
  • Food and props styling class will be on April 12
  • Food photography class will be on April 13
  • Full package is $1,175 & Local package is $875
  • Includes 3 nights of cottage lodging at Chautauqua
  • All meals (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners)
  • All other extracurriculars (yoga/hiking)
  • All morning and evening events
  • Register here
  • On day 1, during the food and props styling session we will take a field trip to the Lyons Farmette to learn about my philosophy when it comes to food and prop styling. We will learn to develop a recipe for an editorial story, how to shop for the freshest ingredients, plan props to tell the story, style food for the camera and have time dedicated to cook and bake some of my favorite recipes. We will plan a meal and work in groups to create a delicious farm to table luncheon.

    On day 2, we will head to the Lyons Farmette again for a food photography session. The objective of this session will be to tell the story of life on a farm through people and food. We will discuss the basics of photography and camera gear, how to shoot in natural light, the challenges of shooting on location and how to be prepared for them. We will tour the Farmette where we will be photographing the farmers and the food they grow. We will also learn about post-processing and workflow and review group images at the end of the day.

    How does it sound?

    But here is the exciting news…

    We are partnering with the Whole Foods for a photo contest and the winner of this contest will win a full package to attend both of my workshops and everything else that comes with it.

    Capture an image of your most beautiful food tradition this Thanksgiving and share it with us on the Whole Foods Facebook page. A photo that captures a story, a family and a time and place – whatever it might be. Share it with us.

    The contest and voting begin at midnight MST on Tuesday, November 13th and ends at 11 pm MST on Monday, November 26th. Must be a resident of Colorado to enter.

    Visit the Whole Foods Boulder Facebook page (you must “like” their page in order to enter) and submit your photo. That easy. We will announce the winner on November 27.

    I am also planning a book signing on April 10th at the Whole Foods on Pearl Street. Will keep you posted!

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    19 Responses to “Food styling and photography workshop at The Makerie and a photo contest”

    1. Chloe Moon says:

      Wow. I might have to mark off my calendar & add this to my dream list for April. I love workshops, I always seem to learn so much! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I’m so happy I picked up “The simple things” magazine because that’s how I found your blog! I’ll keep my camera ready this Thanksgiving and enter the contest! Best wishes with it all!!

      Ergo – Blog

    2. Love the picture with the sheeps! And good luck to Colorado residents!

    3. Jackie says:

      So happy to discover your beautiful blog!

    4. Aran, I’m a brand-new follower of yours and I had to comment…

      I won your book recently in a giveaway and haven’t been able to put it down. I’m so addicted and am having a hard time deciding what to make first! And your photography is stunning.

      I’m off to explore more!

    5. Cindy says:

      any plans for coming over to Toronto?

    6. Hello Aran, looks so exciting. Any idea if the contest is open to Canadians? It does not say on their Facebook page.
      I would love to submit a picture and try to win . Please let me know. Thanks Aran.

    7. RĂ©gine says:

      Je viens de recevoir votre livre par, il est superbe ! Comme votre blog ! Merci infiniment pour tout ce travail et merci de partager avec nous.

    8. deeba says:

      So much beauty…and so far away! happy Thanksgiving to one of the most talented bloggers and photographers out there!

    9. monica says:

      Good morning Ms Aran,congratulations for your wonderful blog, i love getting lost in his photos & recipes, i wish you a lot of satisfaction in his book and will be translated into ITALIAN?would be great…monica (i apologizen forse my english)

    10. Angela says:

      Are you coming to Chicago anytime in 2013?

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