Fiddlehead ferns, nettles and ricotta gnudi

Fiddlehead ferns

Fiddlehead ferns

Gluten-free nettle and ricotta gnudi

Gluten-free nettle and ricotta gnudi

Something mossy, something pickled and definitely, dairy.

This is how I described PNW cooking to a friend who was visiting Seattle last week. Well, this is obviously a mere simplification and before I get grief about it, yes, let’s point out that here we have amazing shellfish, fungus, berries, root vegetables and stone fruits… the list is endless. But something about the moss, the pickling and the dairy… inherent.

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Sweet Paul’s “Eat & Make” book giveaway

Sweet Paul Cover - sm

It is so wonderful to see when creative and talented people get to put work out into the world. It is especially wonderful when it happens to colleagues and friends who I have been following for a long time.

Paul Lowe has been a stylist for over 20 years but it was through his blog Sweet Paul that I got to know him. Beautiful recipes and crafts that derive from his Scandinavian sensibility (Paul was born and raised in Oslo) that eventually led to a very successful quarterly, printed magazine that is published in several countries.

His first book “Eat & Make: Charming Recipes + Kitchen Crafts You Will Love” has just been published in the US and he has been kind enough to share a copy with one lucky reader. If you would like to win a copy of “Eat & Make”, please leave a comment below. Unfortunately only U.S residents are eligible (sad face here). The giveaway will close on Thursday, April 10th at 5pm PST. Make sure to leave your name and contact email so I can get in touch with you.

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Jonathan Lovekin: a food, still life & landscape photography workshop | Seattle, July 15-19

Jonathan Lovekin workshop | Seattle, July 15-19Jonathan Lovekin workshop | Seattle July 15-19Jonathan Lovekin workshop | Seattle, July 15-19

Jonathan Lovekin is coming to Seattle to teach a photography workshop – something I cannot stop thinking about.

You know the people in this world that inspire you so much in your daily life? When you can get lost in their work and imagine how it is they do what they do. Jonathan Lovekin has been this for me for the last few years. Pure inspiration.

You have probably seen his work everywhere from all the beautiful Nigel Slater books like Tender, Ripe, The Kitchen Diaries and many more. As well as Ottolenghi’s Plenty and also Jerusalem. His use of light evokes so much emotion and there is such whispering simplicity in his work. An English moodiness I love.

Jonathan will be coming to Seattle this July thanks to Ritchie Ace Camps to teach a workshop about food, light, still life and landscape.

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Terisa’s citrus and the consequential cake and curd

Citrus | Cannelle et VanilleCitrus and olive oil cake with lemon curd | Cannelle et Vanille

When I welcomed spring, I promised you a citrus recipe. Well, there are two. Actually, there were many more that I just threw together in the last few weeks but these are the only two that I wrote down and can realistically say they can be replicated effectively.

Because you see, a few weeks ago Terisa sent me a big old box of assorted citrus straight from her home in California.

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First signs

First signs of Spring | Cannelle et Vanille

Spring arrived in Seattle. Well, almost.

The cherry and plum trees blossomed overnight. We had sun and warmth… but we also had the rain and cold back. Even hail.

Flowers and blossoms popping everywhere even in hazy days can really lift my mood. Actually, I think somehow I prefer it that way. Beauty in the light and the dark.

I am working to share a citrus recipe soon. Be back soon.

Happy Spring.