Chocolate, Banana and Teff Cupcakes and A Blog Anniversary

Two years ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I made a batch of lemon bars and I thought “why don’t I start a blog to keep a journal of all my recipes?” and so I did. I barely knew anything about blogs or how they worked. I went to Blogger and follow the instructions one by one and that’s how Cannelle Et Vanille was born.

In these two years, life, the blog, my career… they have all changed dramatically. I would have never guessed in a million years that this is where it would all lead me to. I love that about life, the surprises around the corner.

The blog has connected me to so many new people that share my passion and continue to inspire me everyday. I love the collaborations and brainstorming that happens even through this virtual world. It is amazing. So this post is dedicated to all of you who read Cannelle Et Vanille day in and day out. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Now, can I tell you how good these cupcakes are? And can I tell you that they are gluten free and that it took three batches to perfect them? But so worth it. Very moist, chocolaty and full of great nutrients.

I first heard of Teff a few years ago when I used to visit a gluten free bakery in Colorado Springs called “Outside The Bread Box”. They have an amazing bread made out of Teff that seriously, I would have never been able to tell that it was gluten free if I hadn’t read the label. Teff is an ancient grain from Ethiopia that is rich in iron, calcium and protein. It has a distinct rich flavor and dark color that I think goes great with chocolate.

“Do you want to help amatxu mash these bananas?”, I asked J. Once again, he brought out his step stool, got the masher and started mashing those ripe bananas away. Because, did you know that children are 95% more likely to eat those foods they have prepared themselves? I love that. But again, not like I would have had to force him to eat these.

Chocolate, Banana and Teff Cupcakes

Makes 1 loaf and 12 cupcakes

3 eggs
200 grams natural cane sugar
300 grams ripe bananas, mashed
175 grams light olive oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
100 grams teff flour
50 grams sweet rice flour
50 grams hazelnut meal
15 grams cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
100 grams chocolate chips

In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, sugar, banana puree, oil and vanilla.

In a large bowl, whisk together the teff, sweet rice flour, hazelnut meal, cocoa powder, salt, baking soda. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and whisk until all combined. Fold in the chocolate chips.

Divide the batter between the loaf pan and cupcake molds. Bake at 350F for about 45 minutes for the loaf pan and 20 minutes for the cupcakes.

For the icing, I used my basic buttercream recipe and added cocoa powder to it.

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185 Responses to “Chocolate, Banana and Teff Cupcakes and A Blog Anniversary”

  1. tara says:

    In one way, I can’t believe how time is flying, in another, two years seems such a short time – it feels as though we’ve had your lovely company for longer than that.

    Happy, happy anniversary, so glad to know you Aran.

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! I love following and ALL your photos and creations.

  3. Congratulations Aran! Your blog is an inspiration to all of us who adore sugar so much. :) You make it all so inviting and gorgeous!

  4. Kristi says:

    Congratulations on two wonderful years of blogging! Your blog is a delight to visit…thank you for all you have shared. ♥

  5. THANK YOU for posting this recipe! I can’t have gluten, dairy or soy so it’s always hard to find fun recipes to try.

    I will definitely be making these soon! :)

  6. Sara says:

    yay! happy blog birthday! these look AMAZING. Way to go on the three trial recipes, i’m sure you had some happy testers in the house!

  7. Lisa- i actually used gluten, casein and soy free chocolate chips that I love from Enjoy Life Foods. i love those. the icing is not casein free though, it’s made with butter but I’m sure you can find another substitute.

    Thank you so much everyone!

  8. K.Line says:

    Oh, those are making me insane with hunger!

  9. Hilda says:

    Oh hee Aran, I’ve been making variations of Bea’s gluten-free chocolate cupcake recipe using milled nut flour every other day these last two weeks because we can’t get enough of them (and will be blogging about them soon). I don’t have a clue where to get teff here but would love to try these soon. I’m so glad you started your blog, it feels like it’s been longer than two years, in a good way. Thank you for all the delights to all our senses that you share with us.

  10. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Aran!

  11. Happy blog anniversary!
    Those cupcakes sounds (and looks!!) amazing. And how nice that they are gluten free.
    Feel like making them right away, but first I have to figure out where to find teff …

  12. Congrats Aran!
    What a wonderful choice it was to start the blog.
    The blogging, foodie and photography world is better for it. :)

  13. David- I use this brand You can order it online or get it in most health food stores. Hope you make it!

    Thank you!

  14. oh happy blog birthday Aran, i remember making gluten free cupcakes for my blogs first birthday a couple years ago, that’s while i was in Paris, i took em to a restaurant and went into the kitchen to plate them. problem was i used pure tapioca flour, and the bottoms were rubber!! since the recipe has improved :)

    beautiful shots, the red berries against the blue board is breathtaking.

  15. dada says:

    Congrats Aran and thanks for this wonderful blog. It’s always delicious, interesting, peaceful and sometimes touching…

  16. Trissa says:

    Happy Second Aran! You have such an inspiring blog. I can’t help but sigh every time I visit. The photos and recipes are gorgeous. I know I can trust them to be delicious!

  17. Shauna says:

    Let me tell you, folks. Aran was kind enough to send me the recipe for these before she published them. They are OUTRAGEOUSLY good. Everyone in our family devoured them. Make them, today.

    Aran, congratulations. And thank you, for all the warmth, the recipes (esp. the gf ones), and the beautiful images. Keep going.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi these look & sound fantastic & I can’t wait to try the recipe! I was wondering if it is possible to make them without the chocolate chips as I’m intolerant to soya & if so what adjustments would I need to make? Thank you! Sarah

  19. Kristie says:

    Thank heavens you started the blog! I am in love with it. Happy blog birthday- and thank you for it!

  20. Parigote says:

    Ho happy blog birthday !
    Your log is such an inspiration to me ! Your photos and recipe are always gorgeous.

  21. M says:

    I recently found your blog and absolutely love it… the pictures you take and meals you make are gorgeous.

  22. Romy says:

    We love you too, Aran! Your recipes, photos, and words are a beam of sunshine and beauty even in the craziest days. Happy blogiversary!

  23. Mimi says:

    congratulation on two years of blogging. You have such a beautiful, peaceful blog. It really is a joy to visit.

  24. alice says:

    congratulations and happy bloggiversary!

  25. Cheri says:

    Congratulations Aran! You are an inspiration to all of us. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out. I wish you all the best in your next hundred years of blogging. :)

    Those cupcakes look unbelievably delicious. I would never have guessed they were gluten free. Awesome!

  26. Sari says:

    Happy blog anniversary Aran! Your blog has been a source of inspiration and joy for me and I bet for others as well. I’ve already made several of your recipes and they were always a great success. Thank you for sharing your beautiful recipes and photos with us!

  27. fresh365 says:

    Happy 2 years! What amazing strides you have made. How wonderful!

  28. Issy says:

    Happy blog Birthday!! Love… your blog. I would love to try this recipe. Can I substitute the teff flour with regular flour though?

  29. Congratulations for your blog-birthday. It is always a pleasure to come hier, read you and admire cakes and pictures. Sorry for my bad english.

  30. Emmas Kök says:

    They look fantastic! I will try to make these on saturday for my mum since she is gluten allergic. These will be perfect!

  31. Issy- you can substitute regular all purpose flour for the teff and sweet rice flour. it will work the same.

    Thank you everyone for all your comments. It’s wonderful to have connected with all of you through this blog. Thank you again!

  32. Bravo ! How wonderful to have reached two years with such an enthusiastic and loyal following – who are all eager to follow you in the next two years and more. It’s posts like these – with wonderful writing, talented styling, gorgeous photos and reliable recipes that keep us coming back for more.

    PS – love that knife with the red handle ! ;)

  33. I cant believe it took me almost 2 years to find an absolutely wonderful u in blogosphere…but i forgive myself coz am 4months old in blogosphere….
    Loving connecting with u and love is in the air and thats what food is all about too right….
    cheers,congrats and a lovey dovey day to ya…..

  34. Mélanie says:

    Happy anniversary to your blog!! Well, you had a great idea two years ago. I’ve been following since almost the beginning, and your photo and recipes are in my favorites…

  35. zebulon says:

    Happy blog birthday! May there be many more of those :)

    I might be a first-time commenter, but I’ve discovered your blog months ago, and enjoy discovering a new post every time there is one.

    By the way, yummy recipe (and gorgeous pics)! I’m intrigued by the teff…

  36. Brittany says:

    happy birthday cannelle et vanille! i’m very happy that you decided to create this blog. what a great couple of years of recipes and photography. it is beautiful.

  37. Asha @ FSK says:

    Hey Aran,
    Congratulations on two great years!! great knowing you and your fantastic creations! :))

  38. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday to your precious, always-inspiring, gorgeous blog!

    I can’t wait to make these cupcakes; I think I’ll try them with raw coconut oil instead of the olive oil and see how they turn out (I love the combo of coconut, banana, and chocolate!).

  39. Maïlys says:

    je ne lis Cannelle et Vanille que depuis peu mais quel plaisir! Alors très joyeux anniversaire et bonne continuation!!

    Juste une question curieuse “amatxu”? Where are you from? Parce que ma mère a toujours dit qu’elle serait “amatxi” quand elle le sera…

    Encore merci et bravo pour ces super balades visuelles et gustatives.

  40. Michelle- that will be perfect! let me know how you like them.

    Thanks all for your wonderful comments. You guys made my day. It truly feels good to know that you guys appreciate the time that I put into this blog. Thank you so very much.

  41. Mailys- my french is rusty… je suis du Pays Basque en Espagne. Amatxu est maman en Basque. En le Pays Basque-Francais, c’est “amatxi”. Does this make sense? :)

    Thank you!

  42. I love that you shared your very first post with us. :-) Your work is amazing and it’s great to see where you started. :-)

    I’ve never used teff for baking but these look amazing. My aunt and uncle spent 14 years in Ethiopia and talk about teff all the time. Now I know a yummy way to use it. :-)

  43. Maïlys says:

    I thought we speak French, sorry… my Spanish is not that good. Yes it does make! We certainly heard that so my mother decided she would like to be called so when she is grand mother, not mother (it’s been such a long time, we didn’t remember it was “mother” and not “grandmother”).

    Muchas gracias. ¡Debe saber que sus fotos me encantan mucho!

  44. Brandi says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love what you do here and read your posts ALL the time. I’m sorry I don’t comment more. It’s just that when I see your beautiful creations, I’m usually running off to the kitchen to try them out. And believe me, I’ve impressed SO many people with them. I haven’t heard of Teff before but I’m excited to try it. And I love that fact that kids are more likely to cook what they’ve helped make. I’ll remember that one for whenever I should become a mother.

  45. Di says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! I have so enjoyed reading your blog and salivating over your beautiful photos! It’s my 3rd blog birthday today – really must post!

  46. cindy* says:

    i can’t believe i’ve been reading this blog for so long now… you have done amazing things here aran! you have truly inspired me in so many ways.

  47. Dylan says:

    AWESOME!!! I have been looking for a decent gluten free recipe for both a friend and for a project at culinary school… double win!

    thanks so much, cant wait to try them… so long as I can find this Teff stuff!


    p.s. Gordon R came to my school today!!!!

  48. Ashley says:

    Aran – Happy Blog Birthday to the most beautiful blog around.

  49. Ana Maria says:

    I don’t follow your blog since the begining but ever since I do I love it. Great food, great pics, love it. I have even try some of your recepies.
    I’m from Portugal so I say: Parabéns por este aniversário(=Congrats for this aniversary)
    Ana Maria

  50. qmmf says:

    Bon anniversaire!!!

  51. Happy Anniversary! :)

    You make the blog world a beautiful place!

  52. Sook says:

    Oh they are so beautiful!

  53. Happy Anniversary! Being new to blogging it is so inspiring to read YOUR blog. You’re recipes sound delicious (I haven’t actually made one yet but I definitely plan to!)and your photos are truly amazing! Look forward to reading many, many more:)

  54. Brooke says:

    Happy Anniversary !! Thanks for sharing all your lovely recipes, and stunning photographs:) xox

  55. Mercè says:

    Zorionak Aran!! Y que por muchos más te podamos seguir leyendo! :)

  56. And what a blog this has become. Always lovely, always inspiring.



  57. How crazy that 2 years have gone by so quickly! I’ve been blogging for the same amount of time, and it feels like just a few days ago that I started it all up :) Good to see this recipe – while I’m still wary of teff, these might just sway me!

  58. Lizelly says:

    happy blog-iversary!! you’re food and images always give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. i love visiting and always look forward to what ever new you have prepared.
    i’ve never attempted to prepare one of your recipes, being that my life’s been up and down for the past couple of years (no time), but i’ll be sure to try these delicious cupcakes soon. i especially love your lemon creations…i love anything lemony.
    thanks again for letting me feature you on my blog. i’ll be sure to let you know when you’re up. Congrats again! :)

  59. olivia rae says:

    your blog is so incredibly inspirational in every way- honestly, it has really changed my life!!! food and photography are two of my favorite things in the world and you are an expert of both. thank you thank you for all the amazing inspiration!!! xoxoxo

  60. Vanille says:

    Happy blog anniversary !
    So much inspiration here ! Keep on Aran !
    And now I’m going to look for teff…

  61. Anna says:

    Happy, happy, happy two years! It’s amazing how much one little blog can change your life, huh?

    I haven’t had teff before, good to know it pairs with chocolate! These do sound yummy.

  62. Hannah says:

    I’ve never tried teff in any form, but feel this could well prove a worthy introduction… :)

  63. Happy Blogiversary! I love the new lay-out!

  64. Christy says:

    So here I am, wishing you a very happy blog anniversary again. I’ve made up my mind to try baking using teff—it sounds very promising, and it’s not something that I’ve come across before either! Did you have to buy it online?

    I’m off to baking a batch of your chocolate pot de creme with leftover egg yolks…see you when I get back!

  65. Congratulations on how far you’ve come! Loving this recipe too :)

  66. El says:

    Happy, happy anniversary. You are an amazing baker and deserve every success with this blog. And these cupcakes…well…just amazing.

  67. J2Kfm says:

    Your blog is an inspiration to mine. My blog is fast approaching its second anniversary in more than a month’s time as well.
    Keep it up, your shots of the food are just brilliant.

  68. Jswm says:

    Congratulations from Poland :)

  69. Margherita says:

    Hi, Happy Anniversary!!!
    I love your blog, I discover it lately and I think is beautiful :D

    from Italy ;)

  70. Happy anniversary!! Sending all the best from Tokyo :))

  71. Marija says:

    Happy anniversary!

    Keep on inspiring us!

  72. Bea says:

    Happy anniversary from HK!
    Hey, may I know if i can use the plain flour to replace Teff flour? Im not sure where I can find it in HK. thanks :)

  73. Catherine says:

    Amzing food and amazing pictures. Thanks to you Aran for starting this wonderful blog ;o)

  74. Dajda says:

    Happy anniversary Aran! Your blog is one of my favourite places on the Net and I love coming here to look at what you’ve baked and read what you’re saying about it.
    It’s wonderful to be able to know you!

  75. Angela KL says:

    Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary Aran.. I am glad I found your blog and have been following you since.. you are an inspiration.. I love your photos, your stories, your food and of course, you being Spanish (and a Basque at that!) ;))

    Technology is so great isn’t it? Even though I had been following blogs for awhile, I started only last year after my children started theirs. Here’s wishing you more happy blogging years ahead.. cheers!

  76. Bea- yes, you can use only all purpose flour instead. no problem.

    Thank you everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

  77. shaz says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary Aran, time passes so quickly. Love visitng your blog and I always leave knowing more than when I arrived. Had never heard of teff before, now I’m keen to try some.

    So agree about kids and food, I am often amazed at what the kids want to put in their mouths when helping with the prep work (like still frozen peas!)

  78. Helena S says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I found your blog a couple of months ago, and now I visit it almost every day. I have a link to it from my Swedish food blog! :-) Your food photos are the best I’ve ever seen.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary. Sue

  80. Valérie says:

    Longue vie à ton blog ! Tu fais des merveilles et c’est pour ça que tu as autant de succès ! Continue !

  81. Jamie says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve only been following you a short while, but you have some of the most beautiful food photography I’ve seen out there. And that frosting looks delightful!

    Congrats on making the 2 year mark, and thanks for the inspiration from all us newer bloggers : )

  82. Paula says:

    Oh wow, these cupcakes look absolutely delicious! I’m actually more interested in trying out the loaf though. Not that I don’t want to try the cupcakes, but my mom has a pretty good recipe for banana chocolate bread and I’ve also been looking for another one just to switch things up. I’m definitely going to have to try it out!
    And congratulations on your 2 year anniversay! I cannot wait to see what will come next!

  83. Congratulations on 2 years! Thank you for all your lovely recipes and photos. I’ve been reading a lot of about teff flour and I have some sitting in my pantry right now. This would be a great first recipe to bake with my new flour!

  84. Congratulations, Aran! Love everything I see here. Good luck to you.

  85. Thanks thanks thanks Aran to share your recipes & experiences. It gives me hope to me who is just beginning in the marvelous world of food photography! Your photos are truly amazing!
    I hope to follow your path and to be able, one day, to live my passion… In the meantime, muchisimas gracias de nuevo!

  86. Aran love reading your blog. It gives me inspiration to create a better blog and to be more creative. Keep Rock’n it!!

  87. Jayme says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary Aran! It is amazing where life leads us through avenues we never thought possible.

    Here’s to many more years of your fabulous blog that us readers of yours adore :)

  88. How surprising that these are gluten free! They appear so delicious and decadent, but apparently are quite healthy! What a lovely photograph with the butterflies in the background of the plate. Thanks for the inspiring post!

  89. nadia says:

    How wonderful! I am so glad that you decided to blog, your friendship has been irreplaceable and is something i will cherish for always. Yes, this last year i have watched so many wonderful things happen in your life and i believe they could only come to someone as kind as sweet as you! as someone dedicated to their profession and art you have inspired me and so many others by the perfect way you present everything you do!


  90. Anonymous says:

    Felicidades por estos dos años de blog y muchas muchas graciass por todo. Sopresas te da la vida..beso Carmen ZH

  91. enjuliana says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary!! I need to try these recipes!!

  92. Thank you for your blog! it is such a gift. Just like those cupcakes look like little bites of heaven.

  93. laura says:

    A beautiful new banner! Happy anniversary. Aran, you do not know how much your blog has and does inspire me both personally and professionally. Thank you.

  94. Sarah Jio says:

    I love this post, especially the cute anecdote about the step stool. My 3 year old also brings out his little step stool (and moves it and maneuvers it all over the kitchen in fact, which I find so cute!) and cooks with me! Hope you are doing wonderfully! xo

  95. Historian says:

    I have absolutely devoured your blog after discovering it yesterday! As a reformed picky eater, I’m so excited to try new things! I can remember sitting on the counter top with my dad when I was about 3 or 4, “helping” measure ingredients for chocolate chip cookies or pancakes. Unfortunately, my messy tendencies in the kitchen continues! But even still, I can’t wait to try out all these fantastic recipes!

  96. Yummy.. I love cupcakes and chocolate is my favourite flavour. Now you have to give it to me.. Give me the cup cake.

  97. Deeba PAB says:

    Just 2 years…gosh Aran, you are fantastic! I love your blog; it’s an inspiration to bloggers like me. Refreshing & calming… happy blogerversay to my favourite blog and blogger! Those are beautiful cupcakes…and LOL, I thought Teff was a man! Live & learn I guess!!

  98. Happy Birthday Cannelle et Vanille! I love your blog. When I open your blog it’s like I’m openning my window to a field of fresh flowers and a cool breeze. Good Karma here! :)

  99. Teresa says:

    Congratulations! The new banner is beautiful, the photos are incredible and your blog is a tremendous joy to read. I look forward to the delights you’ll inspire us with in the years to come.

  100. Amedy says:

    Looks beautiful and delicious

  101. Happy Anniversary! two years is a brilliant achievement, Those cupcakes look amazing, Well done! x

  102. Jessica says:

    A million congrats on two years. It’s been wonderful reading you blog over that time!!

  103. Y says:

    Happy blog anniversary! 2 years.. wow! I’ve enjoyed and followed your blog ever since I set eyes on it and I love where you’ve taken it so far. These teff cupcakes look fantastic. I’d love to try baking with teff flour one day.

  104. Lisa says:

    These look amazing! Thanks for the GF recipes!! Can you give me an idea what the measurements would be in cups? I’m having trouble converting. Thanks so much!!!

  105. Yummmm! Those cupcakes look divine! Congratulations on an aesthetically beautiful blog! I love it.

  106. Everybody has written in English so…Tres bon blog-anniversaire Aran!!
    Ne change rien surtout!!

  107. Anonymous says:

    Happy anniversary.
    I just discovered your blog recently.
    When did you start taking such amazing pictures.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Two years? Thats it? Your pictures rea;;y are amazing, this is actually one of my favorite blogs to visit!

  109. Sarah says:

    Two years? Thats it? Your pictures rea;;y are amazing, this is actually one of my favorite blogs to visit!

  110. Beautiful cupcakes. Happy blog anniversary and long life to your gorgeous blog!


  111. We truly love your blog and admire your baking philosophy. The pictures are gorgeous too. Have always been hesitant about gluten-free baked products but this looks like a must-try recipe for sure. Maybe it will convince us that gluten-free can be delicious too. Great work as always!

  112. Lisa- I don’t have a converted recipe in hand. I will have to get in the kitchen and re-measure everything. Might take a while… but I will try.

    Thank you immensely everyone!

  113. happy anniversary aran—i am so glad you began this blog–visiting you and your beautiful creations has been a blessing for me (as you know!) and thank you for a gluten free recipe :) lovelove, deb

  114. Kitty M says:

    Happy Anniversary Aran for your gorgeous blog! May you continue to bake and share your beautiful piccies and recipes for many years to come xxx

  115. Michael says:

    Hello, I just started following your blog last week so I am a late addition to the party, but glad to be here! Congrats and I am having a blast looking through the archives.

    Additionally, I wanted to clarify that you are indeed using cocoa powder and not alkalized (dutch processed) cocoa powder for the recipe.

    Thanks in advance, you have a beauitiful blog!

  116. Michael- yes, I am using cocoa powder, Valrhona to be exact. Thank you!

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all your comments!

  117. JessicaS says:

    Congratulations! I love your blog! You are very talented. Keep up the amazing work.

  118. kickpleat says:

    Really, it’s only been just two short years? Your photos and recipes are stunning and I love peeking in to see what you are up to.

  119. Happy Blog Anniversary! I hope you realize that you are one of the very TOP food bloggers/photographers! Your photos are stunning. And I have several friends who are always searching for gluten-free recipes for themselves or their children. They also love your site. And you are so sweet on top of talented. Thanks for the time you put into this marvelous site. Dani (ddh77)

  120. Beautiful cupcakes!! Gorgeous blog you have here! Amazing photography & styling, as well as fabulous recipes! Great, great stories, too!

    Happy blogoversary!! Keep up with the good work!


  121. Shuna Fish says:

    Happy Birthday Aran!
    because if a blog changes our life, the way only we know it can, then it’s a kind of birth, a kind of renew, a kind of re-life. and look at you, look at your wee blog, so grown since I first found it!
    I’m so glad you bake and blog and mother and photograph.
    May many more adventures beyond your wildest imaginings take place this year and years to come!

  122. Happy Blog Anniversary! You’re a classic in the food world. I’m going to share this my friend who needs a gluten free diet. She’ll be thrilled.

    Please join the Timeless Tuesday party ~ you would add so much! It goes live Monday at 8:00 PM. Here’s the post again letting you know what it is all about ~ in a nutshell, all things classic (like you!).

    Paula Grace ~

  123. ChichaJo says:

    Happy blog anniversary Aran! Your blog is truly an inspiration! I’m looking forward to many more years of reading it :)

    The chocolate banana combination is one that I adore!

  124. Elk says:

    Congratulations on your success. You blog is very inspiring

  125. Herself says:

    Just found your blog! Fantastic!

  126. Tantissimi auguri di Buon compleanno-blog.
    It’s fantastic.

  127. ap269 says:

    Unfortunately, my kids are NOT more likely to eat the food they have prepared themselves. They’ll help, but won’t eat anyway… aaaahhhhh…

  128. Happy second anniversary! How lovely!

    These cupcakes look positively delightful. I’ll have to make them for my mother:)

  129. Pascale says:

    Very beautiful. Happy Anniversary. You deserve every success! Pascale

  130. juliana says:

    Feliz cumple blog!
    A decir verdad, tus fotos y tu blog fueron los q me inspiraron a empezar el mio… aunq todavia me cuesta el tema de las fotos… tantos cursos, tantos años viviendo de la imagen, igualmente hace falta mucho mas para entrenar un ojo q los cursos… tus imagenes asi lo demuestran!
    Seguire intentando con mi camara, o pasare a usar la tecnica basica: armar la toma inspirada en algun libro o revista q nos sorprenda… en este caso, tu blog!
    nuevamente, feliz cumpleblog!

  131. Happy Blog Birthday!
    Your cakes ares beautiful!

  132. Congratulation for your anniversary. What a great blog! Keep up!

  133. Spiele says:

    wonderful I wanna try it all

  134. Jeremy says:

    Hi Aran,
    I recently took a class at SFBI where we talked about one of the classes on ancient grains. One of the grains was teff and I have been fooling around with it alot, in Turkey I used it to make crepes!
    This cake looks fabulous and I want to give it a go!


  135. Jeremy says:

    Hi Aran,
    I recently took a class at SFBI where we talked about one of the classes on ancient grains. One of the grains was teff and I have been fooling around with it alot, in Turkey I used it to make crepes!
    This cake looks fabulous and I want to give it a go!


  136. Jeremy says:

    Hi Aran,
    I recently took a class at SFBI where we talked about one of the classes on ancient grains. One of the grains was teff and I have been fooling around with it alot, in Turkey I used it to make crepes!
    This cake looks fabulous and I want to give it a go!


  137. Katie says:

    Happy 2nd bloganniversary. I’m so glad you decided to start your blog, its fantastic and the food you make always has me drooling.

    I’ve not heard of teff before in the UK, but will look out for it as those cupcakes look so moist and tender.

  138. Gis says:

    Congrats!! and happy blog birthday!! Your recipes and wonderful really, a true inspiration for the eyes xD and they make me hungry just every time!!

  139. Paulina says:

    Congratulations! 2 years – wow! delicious cupcakes ;-)

  140. Congrats Aran…. I am glad you made the decision 2 years ago to share your recipes with us. You have inspired me so much. I await your recipes every week impatiently. I know how hard it must be to keep up with the blog and the kids. Hopefully you will write a cook book soon. I would be the first to buy it. Good luck dear and all the best.

  141. Seanna Lea says:

    Those look delicious. I’ve been thinking about chocolate all day long, and these are making me just want to go home and bake!

  142. Thanks so much everyone. I’m thrilled with the support!

  143. perfect little treats to celebrate an important anniversary! congratulations!

  144. It’s been a wonderful reading your blog and these look terrific!Congrats!

  145. Jennifer says:

    Happy blog anniversary!!!! I am constantly inspired by you!!

  146. my blog started with lemon bars too!! I adore your blog and all your work :)

  147. Ainhoa says:

    Zorionak Aran,
    Beti lez itxura ezin hobea. Argazkiak zoragarriak. Kafe orduan gustora jango neban horrelako bat. Duda txiki bat daukat, tsp esaten dozunean gure kafe koilara da? Musu bat Zornotzatik.

  148. Inés says:

    Zorionak Aran! For all those who loves your blog and think that’s the best in the world as we confirm with our votes last year!!!!! Ingelesa ez da nire indar nabariena baina tira. Mux zure umetxoentzat!

  149. Happy blog anniversary! I love your photos and the way you describe it! I also live in South Florida and I was wondering if you have a restaurant, a bakery or some place I could buy your pastries?? The look delicious I can almost taste and smell them :)
    Have a wonderful day :)

  150. Oh wow! Happy Blogoversary, Aran! It’s been a great two years! And thank you for being such an inspiritional blogger!

  151. Thili Blooms- where do you live? Unfortunately, I am not selling any products right now but who knows, maybe in the future? Thanks so much!

    Thanks so much everyone!

  152. I live in Miami Beach.. I was so happy wishing I could buy your sweets!!
    But you know what, I can wait a little more :)
    I know you have a little baby (I have a 18 months old girl) and that alone is a lot of work, but I think you should think about selling :) maybe start on or something!!
    Have a wonderful day :)

  153. WOW …Happy BIRTHDAY blog to you! That is the PERFECT day to celebrate. CHOCOLATE is my weakness….this post is one of the prettiest i’ve seen of cupcakes. You are so talented! I’m hope it’s ok to blog about your work someday… :))

    Jen Ramos

  154. Ainhoa- bai, kafe kiolara da. tsp = teaspoon.

    thanks all!

  155. We are the lucky ones to have you and your beautiful creations around.
    happy blog birthday!

  156. Junglefrog says:

    Two years already! Happy anniversary Aran! I hope to be able to enjoy your gorgeous blog for many more years to come!

  157. Aw! The cupcakes are looking so delicious. It’s very mouth watering.

  158. The recipe you provided in this blog is just amazing it’s fun and easy to bake, thanks.

  159. Jane says:

    And thank heaven that Canelle et Vanille was born, indeed! What a lovely contribution to the world of baking, and cooking, and exquisite photography. It’s been a pleasure for me to discover all your blog holds over the last year or so. Happy anniversary!

  160. Jen says:

    I made these for my roommates and they were a hit! I only had 200~ grams of banana, and the cupcakes still came out great. They did need to bake for about 30 minutes though (most of the gluten-free baking recipes I attempt seem to take significantly longer than the recommended baking time).



  161. Patricia says:

    Disfruto tus recetas y fotos. Me encantan, muchas gracias y feliz cumpleaños.
    Patricia (desde Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    I enjoy your recipes and photographs. I love it, thanks and happy birthday.

  162. Deborah says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. Deborah says:

    Aran congratulations on an amazing blog! Here’s to many more years of inspiration! I had the opportunity to take a photography class with Nicole Gerulat from “A Little Sussy” this weekend and I LOVED it! (I found your blog when she interviewed you last year.) Between your two blogs I think I have found my new passion in food & photography!

  164. viviana says:

    Beautiful recipe,…and very nice blog too….i love chocolate my blog shows it very well…
    ….Ah, I wish I have a spoon to taste this dessert….
    Congratulations, bye!

  165. Samah says:

    This looks delicious!! :) And congrats :)

  166. lyndsay says:

    congratulations aran! you continue to inspire with your utterly gorgeous photos and lovely lovely food… congrats on all your success…! :)

    xo lyndsay

  167. silvergirl says:

    i would just like to say: you take the most breathtaking photographs. As much as i like food, i like photography even better, and this might just be my new favorite place! Thank you so much for all of the inspiration… Quite a beautiful blog you have here– keep up the great work! And happy anniversary, even though i am late. :)

  168. Francesca says:

    Congratulations! This blog as a wonderfully fresh and genuine look to it, it’s because you started it with the right motivations, unselfish and unstaged (is that a word?).

  169. Aran happy blogerversay !I think you were born to do this…love your blog and yr recipes…keep going!

  170. Barbara says:

    Congrats on two years blogging Aran. I have never cooked with teff, but it sounds most interesting.

  171. przepis says:

    Very wonderful cakes I wanna try it all in this weekend.

  172. Geetha says:

    I saw this recipe when you first posted this and have been wanting to try it ever since. I finally made these and they are AMAZING, I love the flavors, and the cake is to soft and moist. My husband and I had to stop ourselves from eating it all in one go. Thanks for the great recipe!

  173. teff says:

    Thili Blooms- where do you live? Unfortunately, I am not selling any products right now but who knows, maybe in the future? Thanks so much!

    Thanks so much everyone!

  174. milise says:

    Hi Aran,

    there any way you could repost your basic buttercream icing recipe? The link provided leads back to the old address on blogspot and is redirected to the Ne. Website.

    Many thanks,

  175. […] Baked into treats: Try Aran of Cannelle et Vanille’s Chocolate Banana and Teff Cupcakes […]

  176. […] it. Sorry—doesn’t look like the author has posted the recipe online, but here is a similar recipe of hers that’s for banana chocolate cupcakes. One note—I halved the sugar, and it was […]

  177. […] was looking for a recipe to use up some teff flour, and I came across this recipe for chocolate, teff, banana bread on the Cannelle Et Vanille blog. I vaguely recall making a different chocolate, teff, banana bread […]

  178. […] Baked into treats: Try Aran of Cannelle et Vanille’s Chocolate Banana and Teff Cupcakes […]

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