Sweet Potato and Crabapple Clafoutis for a Gluten Free Thanksgiving and A Giveaway

Although I moved to this country as a young adult, I briefly experienced Thanksgiving years before in my year as an exchange student in Colorado living with the Bryants. They took me in as one of their own and to this day, I consider them family.

I remember my first Thanksgiving with them with a house full of friends and food. I remember doing dishes with Jill and what seemed a neverending task. Belly full, laughing over the pile of dishes in the sink. It was magical.

Thanksgiving represents everything I enjoy about holidays and celebrations. Reflecting upon the good people and things we have in our lives, appreciating them and of course, the food. But not only food for the sake of food. Food as the excuse and as the glue that brings people together around a table. The cooking, the eating and the sobremesa. The conversation over dessert, who is going to make the coffee, the card games and even the pile of dishes.

There is one other family I have come to know well, who shares this same feeling of warmth, care and joy over food and family. I love watching Danny and Shauna interact in the kitchen while Lu plays with pots and pans. Their new book, “Gluten Free Girl and the Chef” is full of recipes that would be perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner or any other occasion, really. Recipes to share and make people come together. And not to mention they are naturally gluten-free. What an inspiration they are.

Danny and Shauna are on a mission to get the world cooking, and cooking gluten-free, nonetheless. So here I am joining them and many other bloggers, sharing our gluten-free recipes that would fit perfectly on any Thanksgiving menu. You can see the roundup in this beautiful post.

We love custards and puddings around here. A gluten-free clafoutis with sweet potatoes, crabapples and almonds. Slightly warm, creamy, with the aroma of a million vanilla bean specs and a dollop of whipped cream. A perfect autumn treat.

And to make things even more fun, Danny and Shauna have agreed to give away a copy of their new book to one of you dear readers. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us about your favorite Thanksgiving recipes. You have until Sunday November 21st at 6:00pm EST to enter and a random name will be picked as a winner. Good luck!

Sweet Potato and Crabapple Clafoutis

makes 1 10-inch pan or several individuals depending on the size

1/2 cup (140 grams) sweet potato puree (from about 1 roasted sweet potato)
1/3 cup (70 grams) natural cane sugar
3 eggs
1 cup (225 ml) heavy cream or coconut milk
2 Tbs calvados (optional)
1 vanilla bean, split and seeded
1/4 cup (35 grams) superfine brown rice flour
2 Tbs (20 grams) almond flour
pinch salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp ground ginger
12 red crabapples
raw sugar
almond flour

In a large bowl, whisk together the sweet potato puree, sugar and eggs. Add the heavy cream, calvados, vanilla seeds, brown rice flour, almond flour, salt, cinnamon and ginger. Whisk all the ingredients together. Let the custard rest for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Place the crabapples in the baking dish and pour the custard over them.

Bake at 375F for about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the dish. It will set in the middle. Do not over cook it and it will be soft and custard-like inside. Sprinkle raw sugar and almond flour on top for added crunch.

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232 Responses to “Sweet Potato and Crabapple Clafoutis for a Gluten Free Thanksgiving and A Giveaway”

  1. Sweet potatos son batatas? Gracias. Precioso post y estupendas fotos. Un saludo

  2. Scarlett says:

    I love the idea of sweet potato in this recipe-really inspirational-thank you!

  3. Arielle says:

    Lovely touch to add sweet potato, I’ll have to add that to my clafoutis repertoir. I make one every Christmas from coconut flour.

  4. Arielle says:

    Lovely touch to add sweet potato, I’ll have to add that to my clafoutis repertoir. I make one every Christmas from coconut flour.

  5. beautiful and should be tasty too!!<3

  6. lucy says:

    assolutamente una delizia degna di rispetto.mi piace moltissimo questa presentazione in coppa!

  7. A wonderful recipe! I have never seen such apples here.



  8. Wow tasty! That sounds like it’s worth a try!
    Here in Germany we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so no favourite recipe for me here.

  9. Ariana says:

    We are gluten-free family as well, so it’s great to see beautiful books like this that we can use. One of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes is sweet potatoes made with coconut milk and candied ginger. So wonderful!

  10. My favorite Thanksgiving recipe?
    Turkey with Calvados Apple Stuffing and Spiced Cranberry Sauce! Traditional yet different, the turkey juicy and the cranberries full of flavor.

    find recipe here:

  11. Juliana says:

    I love this recipe already! I’ll be making it for my husband.

    My two favorite dishes for Thanksgiving are roasted sweet potatoes with fleur de sel and rosemary and my grandmother’s cranberry-pineapple relish.

    Beautiful pictures as always.

  12. Suzana says:

    Perfect recipe to be thankful for so many beautiful things! Thank you, Aran. :)

  13. One year my father smoked a whole turkey for thanksgiving. It took forever but it was worth the wait. Moms cranberry ginger relish isn’t bad either. Wish I could spend Thanksgiving with the family this year…too bad Sweden is just too far away.

  14. You have me wishing for the old crabapple tree I had growing up! What a lovely thought for a Monday morning. Your clafoutis looks just gorgeous, as your food always does!

  15. Mercè says:

    Oh, qué bueno! Con lo que me gustan a mi los boniatos!! Habrá que probarlo!
    Fantásticas fotos como siempre Aran.

  16. Kate says:

    My parents have crabapple trees and used to make crabapple jelly every year. Yum! Have not seen them up north, though. Favorite Thanksgiving recipes include Fennel gratin, Asparagus, pea and cashew casserole, creamed sweet potatoes and oyster dressing.

  17. Denise says:

    The wonders of having lovely warm sweet potato in the hands just smoothen the soul. Lovely post!

    My favorite thanksgiving dish recipe would have to be a pumpkin pecan pie with egg nog ice cream accompanied with a warm apple cider tea (:

  18. Veganista says:

    We serve a savory wild mushroom rice pudding with our Thanksgiving meal. It sounds weird, but is very delicious.

  19. Courtney says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my mother’s cabbage salad. A little bit of sour crunch is just what’s needed to counter such a rich meal.

  20. My job is the turkey, and I enjoy finding and trying out unique marinades, such as, pomegranate Riesling.

  21. Swee San says:

    WE don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here and neither do we have 4 seasons too. But if we ever do, I’d serve mac & cheese cause it’s as comforting as it gets. It’s always rainy season towards the end of the year..

  22. I may be an odd duck, but I look forward most to caramelized brussels sprouts. In fact, they could be cooked any which way and I’m excited. Brussels sprouts seem to be passed over most of the year otherwise, but I always know they’ll be on our Thanksgiving table… even if I am the only one eating them!

    Cheers and Happy Holidays,


  23. this clafoutis looks wonderful! my favorite thanksgiving recipes are cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole. and of course dessert!

  24. Nikki says:

    Without question, my favorite recipe around Thanksgiving would definitely be pumpkin pie… sounds a little unoriginal but nobody in family, including me, seems to make it unless it is Thanksgiving. So, that pie becomes a prized item we only bite into once a year. And I love the color…

  25. Brit says:

    I love stuffing, yum yum yum!

  26. Laura says:

    Aran, love the pictures as always. I love the feeling of a lazy meal, where you have such great conversation that you don’t want to get up from the table. I still haven’t found this in the States, or only rarely. When I go back to Italy I always have it, Italians surely know how to seat at a table.

    My favorite Thanksgiving thing to cook is the cranberry sauce. I have had few bad ones so I now make it all the time with citrus zest and pulp. Usually I use mandarins.

    Have a great gluten free thanksgiving!

  27. I’m Greek and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I do enjoy all the Thanksgiving recipes going around! They have such an autumn feel… like your clafoutis. I love crabapples.

  28. Zahra says:

    I love everything sweet potato. Oh, and pies. All the pies!

  29. Guusje says:

    I’ll go for a butternut squash stuffed with roquefort and walnuts.
    Great book.
    Big Kiss, Guusje

  30. I’m loving everyone’s dishes and ideas. We still haven’t finalized our menu so I am up for suggestions and might take some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Jade says:

    My favorite thanksgiving dish may have to be stuffing (but not the stuffing that went in the turkey! that was always too moist for me :) I always nibble on it before it goes in the oven, and afterwards before it is served!

  32. Just tried a gluten-free dairy-free walnut pumpkin pie that will be perfect again for Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for the chance to win this cookbook – I’ve been eying it!

  33. AmyRuth says:

    Dreamy! Beautiful Photos… looking forward to the never ending pile of dishes. YIKES!

  34. Joyce says:

    I will have to try this recipe. Looks wonderful! My favorite foods are roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and stuffings. Oh and of course dessert! xo

  35. Rona Y says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of TG (don’t like turkey or stuffing!), but I do have a love of sliced sweet potatoes layered with brown sugar and dots of butter, and topped with toasted pecans. Caramel+nuts+sweet potato–what could be better?

  36. Ashley says:

    What a lovely giveaway! My favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely sweet potatoes – however they are prepared!

  37. Sam says:

    i love turkey that has been brined, simple baked sweet potatoes and this year i’ll be making a gluten-free almond cake for my husband.

  38. Angharad says:

    What an awesome idea! As someone new to this country, Thanksgiving is also relatively new to me. The few years experience I’ve had have taught me that my husband makes a really mean fruit pie! It makes me think of family and him and warmth and love. Happy thanksgiving!

  39. This will be my first Thanksgiving away from home. I am making savory stuffing, and of course twice baked sweet potatoes! How we will cook the turkey, I don’t know. Do they sell oven bags in France?

  40. Beautiful photos & the clafoutis look delicious! I am definitely making these.
    This Thanksgiving is especially exciting for me because I will finally be able to host my own & cook Thanksgiving like I’ve been wanting to for years! Currently a simple, yet decadent-tasting sweet potato pie with chickpea-pecan crust is my favorite contestant. The clafoutis may give it a run for its money though! :)

  41. Susan says:

    My favourite recipe at thanksgiving is my mom’s stuffing and gravy. Yum!

  42. ashley says:

    i love my mom’s sweet potato souffle!

  43. Gina says:

    My favorite recipe is my mom’s cranberry relish. Its fresh cranberries, granny smith apples, walnuts, sugar, an orange and the zest all processed together. It’s great with turkey or eaten alone. I always make a double batch and eat it for days after.

  44. DanaS says:

    My favorite, and most simple Thanksgiving dish, is roasted acorn squash. You simple slice the acorn squash into rings or half rings and drizzle with agave nectar or honey and roast until fork tender. So easy, so delicious. Good hot or cold. Good as leftovers with Greek yogurt, oatmeal, or on its own. DELICIOUS and healthy too!

  45. Hi Aran!I love your blog, and specially your pictures and very simple recipes. In Hungary we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but during fall we do love the pumpkin, plum and apple.

  46. DanaS says:

    Roasted acorn squash rings with honey or agave nectar!

    (I don’t know if my last post published or not?)

  47. courtney says:

    My no recipe, from scratch green bean casserole!

  48. Seanna Lea says:

    I’m a vegetarian, though I usually make turkey or a roulade for my husband.

    My favorite recipe (other than dessert) is the humble mashed potato. I like mine boiled with the skins on and then with milk, butter and caramelized shallots. It is delicious!

  49. Rachel says:

    I love making simple roasted white and sweet potatoes with rosemary and onions.

  50. David says:

    Cranberry sauce, for sure. I put in orange juice, nuts, and pretty much no sugar. Awesome.

  51. Kathleen says:

    I’d have a really hard time choosing a favorite; for me, it’s the combination of everything (turkey, rolls, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberries…)and the fact that everyone makes their plate differently. That said, I forced my family to eat a green vegetable two years ago (artichoke and swiss chard gratin, from one of Mollie Katzen’s books) and it was unbelievably good.

  52. Terri. says:

    I love the green bean casserole. Thanksgiving is the only time I have it and I devour it

  53. Maria says:

    Beautiful post. My dad’s potato rolls are a family favorite for Thanksgiving.

  54. My favorite Thanksgiving recipes are the desserts – Mom’s pecan pie, chocolate chiffon pie, pumpkin bread.

  55. My two favorite things on Thanksgiving are my grandfather’s creamed onions, and my boyfriend’s spanakopita.

  56. Foodie Ann says:

    A spicy chicken roast…thats what Im planning for this year’s thanksgiving….

  57. jacqui says:

    I always look forward to the pie! Pumpkin or apple to be specific.

  58. My favorite is dessert! YUMM! Being that I am recently married (6months TODAY) I cannot wait to start helping and cooking food for Thanksgiving for my new husband!

  59. Julia says:

    Hi Aran, love your ideas for a gluten-free Thanksgiving! RecipeLion actually just posted a recipe for Gluten-Free French Toast Casserole. Might be a good option for a holiday morning! Another great site for gluten-free recipes is FaveDiets.com . Have a great day!

  60. natwhat says:

    oh how fun!!! my favorite thanksgiving recipe is green bean casserole.. :) always a big hit at my house. thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Estee says:

    I love your photos!

    Where I live we don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but I love watching all the food pics in the blogs, wish I could taste them.

  62. I always hated sweet potatoes until I made them and then my life was changed! I put butter, oranges, cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg. Nothing knew but somehow I cook it in a way that I finally like.

  63. First off, I have to say that this is one of the most gorgeous blogs I have ever seen! Your photography is absolutely breathtaking!

    That being said, I would have to say that my favorite Thanksgiving recipe is the yam dish my Mom makes. It’s made in a casserole dish with heaps of butter and brown sugar and pecans (NO marshmallows…ew). It’s even more delicious than dessert! ;)

  64. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. I would eat it every single day. Well, maybe once a week. There a lot of dishes to make, and they would really last in my two-person family. My favorite dish would have to be cranberry sauce. I think I feel the need to experiment with it a bit this year. PS: Put it on your turkey sammies.
    Additional Comment: My little family has decided it’s time to stop doing sugar. We’re addicted to sugar, and, according to the great book I bought(Teitelbaum) white flour has to go, too. So, we’re gluten-free newbies.
    Love, Sarah

  65. Susan says:

    Unlike the adorable Dancing Branflake, I hated sweet potatoes until I tossed them with a bit of olive oil, cayenne, & sea salt & roasted them. These are marketed in tiny portions in freezer sections everywhere. Highly costly. You can make 4x (at least) the amt. as the oven heats up.

  66. Darla says:

    My most favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my dad’s roasted maple sweet potatoes! Amazing!

  67. Kepa says:

    This looks like a wonderful treat. I will give it a try.
    My favorite Thankgiving recipes are a pumpkin cheesecake with pecan crust and frozen pumpkin mousse with cinamon and nut crunch.

  68. Ellen says:

    i love everything about thanksgiving, from the turkey, to stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. this year will be the first gluten free, so i hope it lives up!

  69. This book looks amazing!

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my MIL’s sweet potatoes – they are so delicious!

  70. This book looks amazing!

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my MIL’s sweet potatoes – they are so delicious!

  71. angie says:

    that looks delicious!

    my favorite thanksgiving recipe would have to be the marshmallow yam. :-) can’t wait to have some of that in a couple weeks!

  72. Always in demand at our house for Thanksgiving are stuffing balls. And they are very good … and pretty.

  73. Hello! I’m antonella and I’m from italy! We haven’t Thanksgiving so.. this will be my favourite Thankgiving recipe!!! I’ll try to do this! :) Beautiful photoes, beutiful book! kisses*a from italy

  74. hawkbrwn says:

    The book looks wonderful! Two of my favorite Thanksgiving treats were made by my mom every year. They’re quite simple but also simply tasty.

    The first is green beans sauteed with mushrooms in butter. The mushrooms are started first to soften them up, and then the green beans are sauteed, but kept firm.

    The second recipe is rice cooked with finely chopped celery and mushrooms. The celery and mushroom are sauteed (again, butter makes it so yummy. but i’ve used olive oil here instead too with good results) in advance. then put into the pot that the rice is then added to for cooking. with the sauteed vegetables cooked with the rice from the beginning, the entire dish takes on a wonderful flavor.

  75. My favorite recipe is mom’s stuffing. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it. Thanks for the chance to win this terrific book!

  76. Sammi says:

    My Aunt’s cranberry relish is probably the dish I most look forward to, and yet it is the simplest to prepare!

  77. I love these photos. I want your bowls! wonderful recipe :)

  78. alice2 says:

    A sweet corn soup or simply roasted parsnips, butter and herbs :)


  79. I used to hate stuffing, but I have recently been converted to a stuffing devotee. Now I find myself hoarding stuffing on my plate every Thanksgiving and watching eagerly for the dish to make a second round on the table. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without it.

  80. Oh you just have the best recipes ever! Everything makes my mouth water!! My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is for cornbread casserole! I’d share, but it’s a family secret. Same with my grandmas crescent rolls. You think Pillsbury rolls are good? They don’t have anything on grandmas! Once my cousin made them with soy milk…just definitely not the same!!

  81. vicki says:

    It is beautiful! nothing else to say!

  82. Danielle says:

    My families favorite gluten-free holiday dessert is Chocolate Decadence!

    1 lb semisweet or bittersweet chocolate
    10 T butter (1 1/4 sticks)
    5 eggs, separated
    1/4 tsp cream of tartar
    1 T sugar
    Confectioner’s sugar (optional)

    1. Butter and flour an 8 inch cake pan.
    2. In the top of a double boiler, melt the butter and chocolate together, mixing until smooth. Remove from heat.
    3. Add the 5 egg yolks to the chocolate mixture and whisk until smooth.
    4. In a separate bowl, beat the 5 egg whites until soft peaks form. Add the cream of tartar and beat until stiff, but not dry, peaks form.
    5. Fold about 1/4 of the egg whites into the chocolate mixture. Then fold in the rest.
    6. Pour batter into prepared pan and bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.
    7. Refrigerate until cold.

  83. Flora. says:

    I just had to stop and tell you that those tiny apples are the cutest thing ever in the culinary world (you know, I can think that about an impressive amount of things). They are just lovely :)

    About thanksgiving … it’s not really something we celebrate here in Brazil. But I think those pumpkin pies that are traditional in the US seem to be great. Actually I’m thinking about trying them really soon.
    And well, if people from abroad are able to participate in the giveaway, I’d like to be included.

    Thanks for this pretty pretty blog you write.
    I love reading it!

  84. How fantastic of them to give away a book, as always your photography is stunning… I had a question, where did you get your ware? I love the saucer and cup?

  85. Your blog is so beautiful, it expresses everything i feel about food! Thankyou.

    I’m an Australian and this Friday I’m heading to North Carolina with my American boyfriend to experience my first Thanksgiving. I don’t think there’ll be much GF on the menu but I’m sure it will all taste delicious (although someone mentioned stuffing a chicken into a duck into a turkey – yikes!!)

  86. Renata says:

    My favorites are sweet potato steak fries and green beans sauteed with lots of onion and garlic. We have them often, not just for Thanksgiving.

  87. Mandy says:

    My favorite thanksgiving dessert is pumpkin pie!

  88. fiona says:

    My mom’s chinese sticky rice that she would serve along side crispy roast duck.

  89. What a warming and cosy looking dessert! Especially on a cool autumn evening! Delicious and delectably… gorgeous photo’s too!

  90. Christine says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my mom’s cranberry-orange relish. A little sweet, a little tangy.

  91. Shannon says:

    Such beautiful photos and recipes. I love your blog. My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is anything my mom makes, and my dad’s giblet gravy that simmers all day, filing the house with a fragrant turkey aroma.

  92. Josie says:

    The newest introduction to our Thanksgiving table last year was a gruyere cheese & bean gratin, a far cry from the canned beans with fried onion rings on top from childhood. While we are yet to be a gluten free household, we’re attempting to add the option to our recipe lists to allow for guests’ allergies. Thank you for all the beautifully presented ideas ~Jo

  93. amelia says:

    ooh, one of my best friends just found out she is not able to eat gluten. I would love to win this and give it to her :)

    one of our favorite traditional recipes is pretzel jello. have you ever had it? it’s incredible!

    happy Thanksgiving!!!

  94. becky says:

    Favorite recipe? Whatever is new each year. Family together is the tradition, food is fun to make “new” each year!

  95. Pilar says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is a mashed sweet potatoes with a hint of chipotle, is a recipe of Alton Brown.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  96. I celebrated my first Thanksgiving at my Polish friends’ home. Although turkey was served, it was accompanied by typically Polish side dishes, like roasted beetroots and cabbage salad. It was somewhat unconventional, yet very delicious.

  97. I love the sweet potatoes my MIL makes every year. They are the classic type with the marshmellows baked on top, but she adds bourbon to them and it takes them to a whole new level.

  98. Hannah says:

    My mom’s cranberry and apple compote with oatmeal crumble. It’s a family favorite, we fight over the crispy nutty topping and enjoy it warm or cold for a week following Thanksgiving.

  99. I am in love with your food photography! Makes my day to see a new post in here, and this one will make addition to just perfect warm up dinner this Sunday before Thanksgiving((;
    I love traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey, sweet potato, green beens, mashed potato, gravy, cranberry +orange relish…but I have to mention my last years discovery …the Stuffing!!! It is way good, and all our guests and family members just love the taste of it.
    It’s Apple Sage Stuffing adapted from Publix Apron’s simple meals…it’s very very good, the sage, apple and berries just gives enough flavor to be happy with this wonderful , a bit tangy side dish…And we end the meals with traditional pumpkin, pecan and apple-cranberry pies dolloped generously either with whipped cream or ice cream…yum!!!
    Hope you and your loved ones have safe ,warm and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

  100. Lobelia says:

    I love turkey rice porridge made from long-simmering the carcass and neck with a bit of rice and sliced ginger.

  101. Sarah says:

    My favorite thanksgiving recipe is of course the sweet potato casserole! But not the one with marshmallows…I like mine with a sweet pecan crumble topping. Delicious!

  102. Awww. Amazing post and amazing photos as usual. I used sweet potatoes for my gluten free baked good, but I love how you paired it with crabapples.

    As for my own favorite Thanksgiving dish, I discovered it a few years ago. A lovely homey dish that is an au gratin of cauliflower and brussels sprouts. The recipe calls for three cups of cheese and three cups of cream, so it’s pretty much impossible to not love it (and it’s pretty much a dish you can really only have once a year).

    But it’s the dish that made me realize how much I love brussels sprouts, with or without cream and cheese. So in that respect it was life changing. I do love Thanksgiving.

  103. So cool that you ‘sister’ moved to Italy! What an awesome adventure! Growing up my favorite was mashed potatoes and gravy. Since I married and had Thanksgiving with the in-laws several times, I have to say Monkey bread made from scratch is my favorite. And I’m not talking about the sticky monkey bread. This is my husbands Grandmother’s recipe and it replaces the normal dinner rolls and takes all day to make them :) Love Grandma recipe’s!

  104. My mama’s mashed potatoes are my favorite Thanksgiving dish! She changed them one year and my sister and I were so angry and made her promise never to do such a rash thing again.

  105. asianbabe says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe; my pumpkin pie recipe. Whipping cream ( not evaporated milk), no ginger ( though I love it) and fresh whipped cream for the top. I eat it for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner. Pumpkin is, after all, a vegetable!!

  106. Ann says:

    My parents are from Minnesota – Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without wild rice. Sometimes plain, sometimes tossed with veggies or dried fruit. Yum!

  107. karen says:

    Hi! Thanks for another idea on sweet potatoes. Got to know about your blog via Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP site. Glad I checked it out. You have such delectable photos. Good enough to eat.

  108. Thanksgiving isn’t huge in Australia, but its a wonderful celebration and I too experienced it for the first time during my time in US, such fond memories. This is a beautiful recipe, thanks for sharing.

  109. xirimiri says:

    kaixo!!!Zorionak zure txikitxoari!!! ze azkar pasatzen den denbora ezta??? Gogoratzen naiz, bai, nire egun berdinean jaio zen eta!!!
    Ondo pasa eguna!!
    nik euskal pastela egin dut eguna ospatzeko!!
    muxu pilla munduko beste alderaino!!

  110. Anne says:

    Just perfect! I love your way of using apple!

  111. Frances says:

    wow so lovely to hear you talk about families and warmth:) one of my favorite thanksgiving recipes is chocolate gingerbread with milk chocolate and candied ginger chunks:) we eat it with chai tea-sometimes dipped!

  112. Pia says:

    Perfect recipe to be thankful for so many beautiful things. Beautiful pictures as usual!

  113. lien says:

    You`re blog is like a slice of heaven..!
    Everything looks soooo delicious!!!

    I am a girl from Belgium, so no Thanksgiving dishes here either..
    But my favorite Thanksgiving dish will be whatever you`re making!!

    Be well


  114. Xirimiri- eskerrik asko! bai, gaur urtebete. nora doa denpora ba?

    I love, love, love all your Thanksgiving meals. Thank you for sharing. How wonderful!

  115. How fortunate you were to have such a wonderful host family in Colorado. I imagine it was an amazing experience.

    Thanksgiving at our house always involved lots of people (seeing I have no less than 50 cousins). There were certain staples ever present: turnips and carrots, creamy mashed potatoes, never ever green bean casserole or sweet potato w/ marshmallow. Cranberries seemed to be the biggest hit. I remember we were all scrambling over the cranberry sauce. There was never enough. We hail from the south coast of Massachusetts though – which is considered cranberry country. No surprise there!

    Best wishes to everyone here for a lovely Thanksgiving day together with plenty of laughter and memories in the making


  116. Zizi says:

    I love roasted (baked) potato with fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil and lemon with a pinch of salt and pepper. Hmmm, very delicious!

  117. I’m loving your recipes! My favorite thanksgiving recipe also includes sweet potatoes but sweet potato casserole. My mom makes it every year even though only her and I will eat it at the table :)

  118. I want to win!!!! I want to win!!!!! I am always looking for new gluten free recipes! My favourite thanksgiving recipes is the classic pumpkin pie!!!!!


  119. SLColman says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipes are those that remind me of family and time spent together at the holidays. I am still working on capturing some of the traditional foods in dairy and gluten free versions.

  120. Beth says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is homemade bread. It doesn’t matter what kind, really, as long as it’s good. Rolls, baguettes, rustic whole grain loaves, pretzels, whatever.

  121. The dressing, I must confess. I love it from outside of the turkey, made with celery and perhaps some sausage. Just delightful!

  122. cptexas says:

    Thank you for your beautiful blog. Every Thanksgiving I can’t wait to get to the mashed potatoes. Yum!

  123. Oven roasted sweet potatoes with maple butter please!

  124. a. maren says:

    oh yum, i absolutely love crab apples! and anything with custard, just about. thanks for the lovely photos and recipe!


  125. Alexandra says:

    My favorite dish combo is corn pudding with my mom’s sweet potatoes. The corn pudding has parmigiano reggiano and a bit of cayenne so it has a really savory kick.

    The sweet potatoes are boiled in a 50/50 ratio of water and orange juice. Then after pureeing them we add extra juice, zest, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, butter and a bit of cream (if it needs it). So it is sweet and slightly fruity but not clawing.

    Each of the dishes on their own are delicious, but combined with the other traditional Thanksgiving dishes, it makes for a really delicious and multifaceted meal.

  126. Amanda Thompson says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my mom’s creamy mashed potatoes.

  127. Mikki says:

    I’m English and live in France so I cant say I get to join in on all these wonderful thanksgiving treats but my favourite thanksgiving type recipe is baked sweet potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil, coarse salt and black pepper. yummy. big fan of the blog :) thanks

  128. CathyH says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is southern cornbread dressing. Love the way my grandma made it! :)

  129. Diane says:

    Beautiful pudding, my family loves sweet potatoes. Want to learn more about being gluten free, beautiful photos.

  130. AnneW says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake! Amazing!

  131. Britney says:

    i know every family has their own version, but I treasure my mom’s (and grandma’s and great-grandma’s) sweet potato casserole recipe. it has a brown sugar and pecan topping and is served every year without fail. amazing.

  132. Lorna says:

    Sweet potato souffle (mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar baked w/ a brown sugar/pecan topping) and cornbread dressing are my favorites!

  133. My poor keyboard, I just drooled all over the place, those photos are delectable!
    One by one, almost everyone in my family…well at least those of us with the big foreheads and the funky long toes (that sounds a lot worse than it actually is..) have been droppin’ the gluten and feeling fantastic. I still cheat sometimes and eat a slice of really good pizza but then pay for it for days. I am going to get this book en masse for all my family members for Christmas. Thanks for the yummy post and get gift idea!

  134. Stuffing. Hoping to find a good GF recipe this year!

  135. Hannah says:

    That definitely looks worth trying! My family’s favorite dish is the orange-cranberry sauce my mom makes.

  136. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite has always been a good old bread stuffing, so this first gluten-free year will be quite the challenge. Thanks for all the links and the giveaway!

  137. Dru says:

    Hawaiian sweet potatoes, have to have them, and now my boys like them.

  138. Marianne says:

    What about the turkey! Brown, crisp, juicy and flavorful turkey. I love turkey and take pride in creating a perfectly roasted brown, crisp and juicy turkey. But organic, yukon gold potatoes boiled in milk, mashed with butter and the hot milk and whipped to creamy perfection…yuummm.. cannot wait! I always offer to bring the potatoes so I know they will be good. Another way to enjoy sweet potatoes is sliced and layered with sliced crisp sweet apples, bits of butter and sprinkled with brown sugar and maybe pecans and baked. Last year I went out on a limb and brought kale cooked with canadian bacon, onions, browned portabello mushrooms simmered in chicken broth. To my surprise most of my family never eat kale and enoyed it very much. Double success! Happy Thanksgiving even if it’s not your holiday, enjoy a great dinner.

  139. Where do you get your magic dust! Everything you do has a little of it on it :)

    Lexie | Lexie’s Kitchen

  140. Lizzie D. says:

    My favourite part of Thanksgiving was always the mashed potatoes. I think it was because as a child, making the potatoes was the one thing I couldn’t really mess up or hurt myself doing. They were nothing special, just lumpy with visible pepper specks and as much butter as I felt like, but to me, they were the best part.

  141. irene says:

    oh, please count me in! i love to make pumpkin pie with chard and onions… yum!

  142. such beautiful photos and i will make this dessert for our Thanksgving dear Aran, thankful for you/
    I have many Thanksgiving recipes but for our gluten free friends, my favorite way to thicken the gravy for our turkey is to use chick-pea flour–I must bring some to Iowa! xoxo, deb

  143. Lisa says:

    I’m not much of a commenter, but I visit your blog every now and then, and I gotta say your photos are delicious! <3

  144. My favorite Thanksgiving recipe to date is a scallped black trumpet, porcini and chanterelle mushroom gratin that I came up with a couple of years ago. It was very easy, very delicious and very impressive.

  145. Christy says:

    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes. I like to change things up for the mashers on Thanksgiving and add things like pepperjack cheese or sliced mushrooms.

    jinxy112 at gmail dot com

  146. Mariya says:

    :-) very nice and original ! Thank you !

  147. Cookie says:

    My favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner is the stuffing. This year it will be gluten free.

  148. xmarianax says:

    I only had one Thanksgiving in the States and I loved the mashed potatoes with cranberry sauce! Now I look forward to my own recipes :)

  149. Christa H. says:

    My favorite used to be goat cheese sage stuffing, but this year I have a new one. I found and tweaked a beautiful recipe for port wine cranberry sherbet. So perfect for a post turkey dessert!

  150. My favourite part of the Thanksgiving dinner…the turkey. No, it’s the stuffing. No, the gravy! No, the cranberry sauce…sigh…dessert? I really don’t think I can choose. Don’t make me!

  151. Gen says:

    Que c’est beau!
    Les fruits de saison, un bon dessert, que demander de plus!

  152. ibb says:

    Etxean ditut patata moreak…dendan topatu nitun beste egunean…denboraren poderioz gauzak lasai hartu eskero, ezusteak agertzen dira.
    Gluten free…azkenaldian berriro nabil holakotan, ex-a etxean diat (ezulertu daitezkeen zirkustanzia barrokoengatik…amak esaten duenez…onegia zara), beraz, horretan nabil berriro…
    Maite ditut zure argazkiak…zure argiak…egun oso egongo nintzake jaten..eta gero kafiakin sobremesan luze hitzegiten.
    Patxo haundi bat

  153. this looks really incredible! lovely as always!

  154. Joe says:

    It has to be dessert, the classic tarte tartin with crme anglaise!

    Fingers crossed I can get the book!

  155. Hi, I just love your blog, your pictures are always so fantastic and your stories heartwarming. Too bad we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Belgium, it sounds and looks wonderful :-)

  156. elpi says:

    I admired on your photos. It’s like I can touch and eat it. .lol well These are perfection

  157. Kathy says:

    Thank you for another beautiful post! You have helped to inspire me to make a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal for my beautiful sister who must be gluten free.
    My favorites for our meal are the side dishes and brussel sprouts roasted and topped with butter, dijon mustard, lemon and sun-dried tomatoes tops my list.

  158. I have to say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to share with a houseful of people and food. My favorite holiday dish is a yukon gold & sweet potato gratin. Your sweet potato and crabapple clafoutis twist screams to be made especially with the coconut milk.

  159. Dawn says:

    My favorite is homemade stuffing with homemade gravy on it. Nothing like it in the world. Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

  160. Kaitlin says:

    Anything but the turkey – I’m entirely a sides girl :)

    First Thanksgiving with Celiac, so the quest for the perfect GF stuffing is on!

  161. beautiful pictures
    have a nice day

  162. Shelby says:

    Oh Thanksgiving, I just love any excuse to sit around a table of traditional food favorites with friends and family and to give Thanks, when there is so much to be thankful for. My father is Gluten Free, and his favorite Seasonal treat is of course a moist, Honey Crusted Turkey, followed by the generous slice of Pumpkin Pie! A gluten free recipe for that would be fantastic!

  163. londoneats says:

    Great post – I love the idea of using whole crab apples in the clafoutis. I will need to get out to the countryside and find some!

  164. Vincent says:

    mmm… delicious… beautiful photos ! thank you


  165. my favorite thanksgiving dish is a sweet potato gratin with lots of gruyere cheese! sides are my favorite on thanksigiving; not the turkey!

    caitlinhyla AT gmail DOT com

  166. Katie says:

    A favorite thanksgiving gift is hard to pick, but my mother’s stuffing is probably it.

    As a side note, winning this book would be amazing as a wedding present for my gluten free friend who gets married in a few months!

  167. Coco says:

    what a beautiful, warm post Aran! And I love Shauna’s idea of having bloggers share their yummy GF recipes!

    A favorite Thanksgiving recipe of mine is not really traditional but every year my family, along with having a turkey, has venison with an apple and port sauce…it is always the highlight of the meal :)

  168. Lynnette says:

    I would love to do some R&D on gluten free recipes. My favorite Thanksgiving item is Butternut Squash Soup with Pine Nuts.

  169. Hello dear!!! I am a Karate-ka girl… that means i am doing ”moving zen”… Your photos are ”vision zen”… I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  170. pippirose says:

    Mmmm…that looks delicious!
    My favourite thing about Thanksgiving meal is baby carrots in white sauce. Oh, and mashed potatoes. I could give up the turkey completely (but I don’t think that would go over too well around here!).
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  171. Lovely. Gorgeous pictures. This clafoutis looks perfectly divine! Thanksgiving sounds just delightful.
    Heidi xo

  172. Zoe says:

    Where to begin? I love it all… and I think the meal is best when balanced out. A must is good gravy! I don’t have a problem with gluten but enjoy using gluten free recipes from time to time, especially for some friends who are gluten intolerant.

  173. Delicious times delicious! I just love your blog so much! Makes me smile and want to go cook.
    I would love to get my hands on a copy of Shauna and Daniel’s new cookbook!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  174. PS…I was so excited I forgot to tell about my fav. Thanksgiving recipes/foods. Hmmm…where to start….I love making a family favorite cranberry citrus chiffon pie (gluten-free of course) and instead of traditional mashed potatoes, I mash in cauliflower, sweet potatoes and yams as well as potatoes, with minced garlic. Yummy!

  175. Addison says:

    My favourite Thanksgiving Recipe is a Dessert, probably Maple Pecan Pie.

  176. What a lovely new use for sweet potatoes! And a lovely give away – it looks like a gorgeous book. And so very useful for those of us with gluten-free loved ones in our lives!

  177. Anonymous says:

    I am the lucky Culinary Teacher that Aran spoke to on October 18. We still follow her blog and check it weekly. My Thanksgiving is complete when I have taught my 135 students how to make Pumpkin Cake Roll…the hallways smell like the holidays and for those students who are not in my class, they can’t wait to sign up next year. The payback comes when they go home to share their knowledge with their families.

  178. Marisa says:

    This looks like a fantastic book!

    These are my favorite Thanksgiving recipes:

    Sausage and Apple Cornbread Stuffing and my Mom’s Candied Sweet Potatoes – they are cut in chunks rather than pureed and are absolutely heavenly!

  179. Kara says:

    How nice! I would like a crabapple tree in the future, and I think it is always nice to see recipes with crabapples!

    Thanksgiving recipes are hard for me, my family has never been big on the traditional meal (we had turkey burgers one year, and I think duck another!) So all I can say is I like seeing what will end up on our table every year!

  180. Jamie says:

    My favorite recipes are definitely the traditional: sweet potato casserole with marshmellows, pumpkin pie, and apple crumb pie.

  181. Dina says:

    Oh my this would be a great book to have. In Malta we do not celebrate thanksgiving however we have friends who come from america and they do so one of the things I like when we go over on thanksgiving is the sweetpotato pie….mmmmm

  182. Christina says:

    I love cranberry sauce with pear, honey, and star anise.

  183. These look so delicious! Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing!

  184. Delphine says:

    I’m french but my grandmother is american, so every time i came to see her for thanksgiving, she used to make some potiron muffins, like moelleux, and it was absolutely fabulous…

  185. Caitlin says:

    my favourite holiday recipe would be a refreshing salad, among all the other heavier options such as turkey and potatoes. My mom makes a spinach salad with feta and pomegranate seeds, so light, refreshing, and pretty… the red and green really reflecting the holiday spirit.

  186. myra phipps says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish – simple roasted sweet potatoes with maple syrup. Yum

  187. Bueno, como cualquier extranjera en este norte encantado, Thanksgiving es un poco ajeno a mi. Sin embargo, despues de 7 annos aqui debo decir que me ENCANTAN las coles de Bruselas, preparadas de cualquier manera, pero en especial salteadas al dente, con una delicada besciamella encima y gratinada con un poquito de parmesano.

    Gracias por este giveaway Aran! Y feliz Thanksgiving!

  188. Maïlys says:

    I arrived here in the USA last week, met my host family yesterday and am soon enjoying Thanksgiving, a lot of emotions!

  189. Elishag says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my mom’s stuffing made from homemade-week-old challah, sauteed onions and celery, with roasted chestnuts.

    This will be my first year making it on my own and I hope I get it right!

  190. This clafoutis looks delightful!

    One my favorite Thanksgiving recipes is my mom’s rosemary Cornish hen.

    Another dish I love is this very versatile vegetable tart I recently blogged about, which is essentially a dressed up tarte à l’Oignon. Delicious and easy to make :)

  191. I feel I’m still pretty new to Thanksgiving. This will be my fourth one but last year was for my the first real one because for the first time I participated to the potluck to which the man who was going to be my husband 2 months later have been going for 10 years. Every year he (who can barely cook) brings the most amazing green beans casserole. That is now my favorite thanksgiving dish

  192. Kamni says:

    Gingered cranberries in port wine sauce

  193. Last thanksgiving i spent two wonderful days home from college cooking with my mother. We had decided that this thanksgiving would be entirely gluten free, right down to the pie crusts and gravy. Three of the women in my family avoid gluten, in three generations. It started with my grandmother, then to my mother, and now I too find my self identifying as gluten free. It was one of the best thanksgiving dinners we’ve ever had. One highlight was the crustless pumpkin pie made from the recipe found on ‘the gluten free goddess” Perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner :)

  194. Happy Thanksgiving Day! Everything looks so beautiful :)

  195. One of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes is a pumpkin chiffon pie that my mom makes with an oatmeal crust. Years ago, she tired of the everyday and started playing with the recipe – guess she’s my inspiration, along with gorgeous blogs and authors!

  196. Phebe says:

    My Thanksgiving favorites are my mom’s sesame almond cookies – an American riff on classic Italian cookies, and her garlicky mashed potatoes- red potatoes, browned butter, and loads of garlic!

  197. Lulu says:

    I love your blog! Your photos and recipes are amazing!
    I’m Brazilian and this will be my first Thanksgiving. I will prepare roasted turkey and pumpkin cheese cake.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  198. Hoy he leido el artículo “los fogones se enredan” en el País Semanal, donde sales junto con otros bloggers ¡Enhorabuena!!

  199. Claire H. says:

    I absolutely love stuffing! I have only been gluten-free for a couple years, so I’m still looking for a good recipe for that these days, but I have some sage stuffing mix I plan to try out this year.

  200. The idea and execution is excellent and the photos! Oh the photos! Wonderful!

  201. Janssen says:

    What a yummy treat for the holidays!

  202. I love your pics,,,and your blog!
    have a great sunday

  203. Kirsten says:

    Oh wow, this looks super yummy. Would look amazing served with the table setting I just posted about!

    My fave Thanksgiving recipe is an apple crumble (not a pie gal!)….just apples, cinnamon, and lemon juice filling with a brown sugar, oat, butter and flour (ahh gluten!!!) topping. The sugar gets all caramelized and yummy…a fave this time of year!


  204. Janna says:

    I’ve made a gluten-free stuffing the last few years that makes me so happy, and most of the family can’t tell the difference. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy is supreme comfort food. :)

  205. What a spectacular book!
    My family’s favorite traditional recipe is called Cranberry Ice….made in a long glass brownie pan, we boil cranberries, mash them, drain them, add sugar and lemon juice and a few other secret ingredients :)

  206. Anonymous says:

    This is so pretty. OMG this looks so yummy



  207. Ben says:

    Awesome recipe!. I’ll give it a try!

  208. Heksedamen says:

    well the photos are just gorgeous!!! And it all looks so delicious!!! Yummyness!!! :)

  209. What a nice Thanksgiving experience.. The pictures make your memories even more vivid. Love the crabapples in the bowl.. :)

  210. Sam says:

    What other fruits do you recommend for this recipe? I’m intrigued and was thinking apricots?

  211. These look lovely. I just ordered this book – got it yesterday! Can’t wait to dig in.

  212. Courtney says:

    You can never go wrong with mashed potatoes. Roasted garlic, sour cream & onion or original. I couldn’t imagine a Thanksgiving meal without them.

  213. This is one lovely recipe! Great photos too. Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

  214. €llY says:

    Hi, I’m an italian foodie. I love your recipes, your blog, your pictures…everything looks perfect!!!

    I’ll follow you…

    Happy Thanksgiving from Italy!!! ;D

  215. Sam- I think sliced apples, pears, persimmons would be great. Any fall winter fruit.

    Thanks everyone for all the great recipes and ideas. It’s been very hectic over on my side with great things happening that I can’t wait to share. I will be announcing the winner of the giveaway in the next couple of days. Thanks you for being patient and have a great Thanksgiving!@

  216. CELINE says:

    I have not celebrated Thanksgiving since I moved back to Norway many years ago. But your beautiful description of friends and family sharing food around a table made me think of the thankfulness I felt when my family was invited to celebrate eid with our good friends from Ethiopia earlier this fall. We had tasted traditional Ethiopian cuisine on a trip to Washington D.C. this summer, but that was our first time getting home cooked injera with all the different delicious sauces that come with it. And what a great way to learn more about the Ethiopian ways of being together around a table! This Sunday they are all coming to our house for a taste of traditional Christmas food from the west coast of Norway: Sheep ribs, – salted, dried, and cooked for hours in a big pot on top of birch sticks…

  217. LOVE! I could hang out on your blog all day long!

  218. LOVE!! I could hang out on your blog all day long.

  219. acca says:

    What a lovely food. Looks like the food is so comforting and relaxing. The crabapple is wonderful. Thanks for the recipe.
    How to Make Sweet Potato Fries

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