My Sunday Suppers Summer Desserts

Photos by Karen Mordechai Photography

As you might already know, two weekends ago, I was a guest chef at Sunday Suppers. It was my second time collaborating, but this time I actually had to teach a class myself. I had such a fantastic weekend and I hope those who attended enjoyed it as much as I did.

I was not able to photograph any of the desserts myself because first, I was busy at work trying to get all guests to bake the different components and second, because right before the class started, my entire lower right leg swell up due to a spider bite and I could barely move. I don’t even know how I made it through the class. Everyone was a trooper helping out and taking charge in the kitchen. What a great team it was!

Photos by Karen Mordechai Photography

The theme of the night was summer, so I designed a three course menu around summer fruits with a bit of a rustic touch to accompany the rest of Casey and Karen’s menu.

The day before at the Union Square farmer’s market we found the sweetest berries for the berry consomme and lemon champagne sorbet pre-dessert. A small, tart and refreshing dessert to cleanse the palate.

The main dessert was composed of a bottom layer of pistachio crumble, vanilla roasted nectarines, lemon and almond sponge filled with vanilla mousseline and topped with a quenelle of lemon and mascarpone cream.

We finished off with an assortment of mignardises or small cookies. Pistachio and currant shortbreads, raspberry financiers and pecan sandies.

I loved the simplicity of the tables with the kraft paper, antique flatware and linens, which came to life with the amazing flower arrangements that Jessie of Rountree Flowers put together. Colorful, unexpected… a dramatic contrast to the simplicity of the rest. It was perfection. The menus were once again designed by super talented Erica of Thoughtful Day.

My pre-dessert was served in the most beautiful bowls created specifically for the night by Asya of Gleena Ceramics. Each bowl was uniquely labeled with a number from 1 to 18 representing the 18 guests. Amazing touches like these are the ones that really make Sunday Suppers magical.

For more photos and all the recipes for my desserts, please visit Sunday Suppers (here, here and here).

Thank you Karen and Casey for having me again!… and for those of you who have not attended… what are you waiting for!

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55 Responses to “My Sunday Suppers Summer Desserts”

  1. Juliana says:

    Beautiful! You are so lucky to have been able to teach a class at Sunday Suppers. I’m sure you had a lot of fun!

  2. Jennyjen says:

    Stunning!! Everything is so dreamy. I love the antique flatware too!

  3. melrose says:

    Lovely photos and desserts, I hope your leg is better nowdays…
    Liebe Gruesse aus Deutschland!

  4. Peter G says:

    What a magical set up! I love the whole concept…shame I live so far away!

  5. Anja says:

    I already saw the tablescape on sunday supper blog. I love this pure and extraordinary style really much. get well soon, regards.

  6. Anja says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Fantastic! I love the table decoration!



  8. Sigrid says:

    Dear Aran,

    I’ve been reading, sorry, salivating in front of your blog for some months now. And although I would love to try your recipes I keep thinking the very same moment of the numbers on my scale. (Okay, I’m getting married in 5 days.)

    But I have to ask: How do you stay in shape while producing all those delicious things day-in day-out? Do you run your daily marathon?

    I guess we just have to invite people more often so I can try your recipes – and have somebody else eat it. ;-)

  9. morgana says:

    Qué araña más inoportuna, jo. Pero seguro que a pesar de todo lo pasaste genial.

    Me encantan las fotos de las mesas, los centros, las copas… Y de la comida también, claro. Me lo paso bomba aunque sólo esté “de miranda”. ;-)

  10. Beautiful pics! What fun you must have had! Missed it!

    Are you shaping the quenelle in that pic? :) I would love to see it in real life someday!

  11. ibb says:

    Zelako ikusgarria…eta seguruenik izugarrizko astebukaera pasa zendula…
    Zutaz gogoratu naiz Finlandian…zekulako fruitu gorri piloa zeuden kaleetan salgai!

  12. Aran says:

    Sigrid- how do I stay in shape? Well, I don’t know that am in shape! But I just don’t over-eat. For me food is not about constant indulgence either. It’s about moderation but good quality and lots of flavor!

    Ria- yes, that is me shaping a quenelle!

    Ibb- Zelako enbidie Finlandiatik… puff… zelako argazkiek atarako neuzen nik han. Egun baten joango naz! Ondo pasa dozu ezta?

    Thanks everyone!

  13. Erika says:

    Me imagino el lujo que habrá sido haberte tenido en su cena!
    No sabés la bella sensación que da ver tus preparaciones tan bien vestidas. Me imagino que el sabor debe de haber sido insuperable ya que probé varias de tus recetas y son fantásticas. Espero que te mejores pronto de la picadura.

  14. Jamie says:

    Absolutely stunning! All of it! The table and flowers are magical and the dessert sound fabulous and so elegant. I love all the colors, too. Beautiful!

  15. Christy says:

    I’ve just returned from the Sunday Suppers blog, and oh how I wish New York’s only a short flight away!! We need to have something similar in Australia!! Your pre-dessert, especially, remind me of balmy nights spent in the tropics after a tropical thunderstorm, where the air feels fresh and it feels like home—which is amazing considering that we don’t have very many strawberries, and practically no redcurrants available. The emotions you and Karen evoke with all those food and photographs make these truly superb.

  16. Beautiful in every frame. Dreamy as ever. Love the vintage appeal & the elegent table setting.Lots of old world charm here – everything I love! Sorry to hear about the spider bite…of all the things to happen! How wonderful that you had such a grand team to work with.

  17. Sorry…completely forgot to add that I loved the main dessert. WOW!!

  18. I’m sorry to hear about the spider bite – glad you’re ok now. The whole thing looks amazing. The students were very lucky to be able to share in your special talent!

  19. cindy* says:

    everything….lovely! i love the gleena bowls and the kraft paper on the table has been adopted for our wedding!

    i’ve been dreaming of the berry consomme since i spied it on sunday suppers! and a spider bite…yikes…glad you made through ;)

  20. Liska says:

    Beautiful. How I wish I could eat a piece of it. I like the photos very much.

  21. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous as always, I love the colour combinations! Something to aspire to on my blog =)

  22. I love your philosophy on food – good quality, lots of flavor, not overindulging. The first photo set has me drooling . . . YUM!

  23. Sunday Suppers sounds lovely… The food, the company, the set-up… I love the craft paper, the vintage silverware, the flowers, the numbered bowls, the menus… It all looks beautiful…!
    ps: I hope you are fully recovered from your spider bite!

  24. Inés says:

    Aran: oporretatik etorri berria naiz. Etxean sartu, ordenagailua zabaldu eta berehalaxe Cannelle et vanille nire favoritoengana joan naiz zuzenean. In-Supper-able!. Karen Mordechai zu zaren lekukotasunaren lekuko bihurtuta… Zure kamara leunak ematen digun berriaren autore eta egilea zu zeu zara. Eta arte lana da sortzen diguzuna. Beraz, happy new auttum recipes!” argazki naturalak dira.

  25. veron says:

    Lovely! I love all the props too. Sorry about the spider bite…:(

  26. Oh noes to the spider bite – what a terrible thing to have happen! But yippee for those desserts, they all look gorgeous! Since I’ll probably never get to go to one, I’ll live vicariously through those lovely photos :)

  27. Tracey says:

    WOW…Absolutely gorgeous!!! It all looks too yummy!

    :) T

  28. natalia says:

    Ciao ! Everything is so delicious and gorgeous !! I wish I lived a bit nearer !!!

  29. Vanille says:

    Through Karen’s lens or yours, your desserts look always wonderful !
    Hope your leg recovered since then.

  30. idu says:

    Mahai horretan niretzako eserlekurik bada? Majikoa da benetan

  31. Des photos très appétissantes…

  32. Chanced upon your blog. Your photos are so beautiful. Makes me feel happy looking at them!

  33. Dee says:

    spectacular photos and amazing sounding food.

  34. Ana says:

    Hola!! Pues que estaba poensando yo en acer una de esas cenitas de domingos pero en plan mas rustico, no tan sofisticado como la que nos muestras, para que me enseñes algunos truquillos que todavía no domino demasiado y quería preguntarte… a donde te mando el billete de avión??!!

    Ahora en serio, que cosas más buenas que hiciste de postre, me las he copiado literalmente para una cena que daremos dentro de poco en casa (al menos ya tengo el postre).

    Y el detallazo de los boles es increíble, me ha encantado por no decir los botecitos con algo que no logro averiguar lo que es…

    bueno que estoy deseando ir a Ny y apuntarme a una de estas magníficas cenas!!


  35. That antique flatware took my breath away. Absolutely Gorgeous!

    The food looked delicious, I wish I lived close by so I could attend.


  36. Aran,
    Simplemente SOS UNA GENIA. Las recetas, las ambientaciones y las fotos… para quedarse en el blog horas y horas.
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires

  37. Nina says:

    I love your pictures and blogg. It`s a lot of diferences from my swedish baking, but really fun to read and trying out your recepies.

  38. Elise says:

    Good morning – I just had to stop by and leave you a note because you have the most wonderfully fabulous blog. I’ve loved reading your interesting posts, all very creative and great pictures too. What could be more perfect ? Thanks for sharing them all and best wishes…

  39. Yummy deserts! I love barriers, it looks so mouth watering. And the table setting is lovely.

  40. That looks so delicious. Can I have one just one bite? LOL!

  41. Figen says:

    I am admiring your delicious deserts and nice photos.Thank you for sharing with us.

  42. Absolutely stunning table. What a fun adventure for you, except of course for the spider bite. Hope you’ve recovered!

  43. Seanna Lea says:

    Wow. I wish I could have been there. Your desserts always look so amazing.

  44. Faye says:

    Gorgeous…this could be a wedding, it’s so nice!

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    This is a new recipe I recently found,
    I made it for a family dessert
    the entire family enjoyed it very much.
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  46. breathtaking– this is really a special sereies of events they do (and you did!). so much detail and hardwork…wish i could have been there!!

  47. Everything on this post is gorgeous, from the table sittings to the food plating. It’s wonderful!

  48. Job search says:

    It looks like very delicious deserts! Yum yummy!

  49. I am drooling over the desserts…but I am fixated on the flower arrangements as well! Looks like a beautiful event!! Hope your leg feels better ;)

  50. These deserts are making me so hungry. Wish I did not have such a sweet tooth!

  51. Anonymous says:

    can you please tell me where I can find those jars?
    thanks…p.s. I have never seen such beautiful photography before…..

  52. is looking to be delicious food. I love to eat different type of food. Last time when i was in new york , My agent booked mt ticket through ECT as he got some deal. The hotel in which i was stayed was very good. I taken y dinner there it was really very good.

  53. 123 123 says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. It has just become obvious to me that we need something like Sunday Suppers here in Australia!

  55. the preparation is awsome, shots were amazing. youre very luck to teach such class.


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