Food photography and styling workshop with Leela Cyd & Aran Goyoaga. Seattle, May 3rd

Me and Leela

Me and Leela | Leela and Me

Photo by Leela Cyd

Photo by Leela Cyd

I am so excited to let you know about the next workshop that will be held at my studio in Seattle.

No less than my beautiful friend and photographer Leela Cyd.

I have admired Leela’s work for a long time and we will be finally be working together as a team. A day spent talking about how we both work. Leela focusing on photography and me supporting her with styling.

Leela is a photographer and storyteller based in Santa Barbara. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Cooking Light, Food & Wine, Anthology, Sweet Paul, Kinfolk and the New York Times. She’s photographed countless cookbooks and has one of her own coming out next year. Her blog, Tea Cup Tea, has been recognized by Saveur and The Kitchn and many other outlets. Leela’s been teaching photography for the past few years in Italy and the West Coast of the US.

Here are is the summary.

WHAT: Intro to Food Photography and Styling with Leela Cyd and Aran Goyoaga.
WHEN: Saturday, May 3rd from 9:30am until 4:00pm.
WHERE: Aran’s studio in Seattle.
FEE: $325 per person.
INCLUDES: One full day of instruction with Leela and Aran, lunch and snacks.


There will be no refunds for this workshop – please know you can make it before your registration.

This will be a day to celebrate and create . . . You’ll get to observe Leela and me set up and demonstrate a food shoot. We will work with you and guide you one on one to create your own edible narrative. A discussion of camera basics, best food photography angles, using natural light, styling food in a natural way and how an assortment of props can add mood, flavor and tone to your work. Learn how to use what you have and work with a limited budget to create evocative and beautiful images. Finish with lunch and a discussion on how to get your work published and the business of photography.

Photo by Leela Cyd

Photo by Leela Cyd

Photo by Leela Cyd

Photo by Leela Cyd

Photo by me

Photo by me

Photo by me

Photo by me

I cannot wait for this one as I know I will be so much from Leela.

Hope you can join us!

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11 Responses to “Food photography and styling workshop with Leela Cyd & Aran Goyoaga. Seattle, May 3rd”

  1. Rosa says:

    Lovely pictures!



  2. Absolutely stunning photography! I might just hop on a plane and fly to Seattle.

  3. Vicky says:

    I want to fly there NOW! but I´m in Argentina! :( I invite you to stop on my new blog

  4. tinajo says:

    Love these pics, especially the ice-cream one! :-)

  5. Rosy Sh says:

    Love them all..beautiful shots!

  6. Rosy Sh says:

    Beautiful shots! Love them all..

  7. Alex says:

    The icecream photograph looks great – but that bread looks absolutely grumptious! :)

  8. andria says:

    Hi Aran,
    I wish I could go, but I am so far. Have a wonderful time. As always the pictures are beautiful.

  9. Daniela says:

    So beautiful, the course, the photo and the energy behind this new project! Good job Aran! I really admire you :)

  10. Poppy says:

    The pictures are gorgeous and have so much texture to them! I wish you did a workshop here in Singapore ;)

  11. So gorgeous! I love photos of mise en place :)

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